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    After enjoying the videos Footylounge has to offer, you should visit our official Footylounge Forums!On the forums you have the opportunity to download all of the clips and films displayed on our Video Website, as well as disc...
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    The (!) place to be for all Liverpool fans around the world.Passionate discussions, loads of Liverpool videos and pictures and lots of fun Anfield related games for every self-respecting Liverpool fan!Definately worth a visit!h...
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    Dear Users,Please do not submit any embedded English Premier League content.This website has unfortunately had the displeasure of twice been forced into downtime due to the presence of EPL content. Even though all content is su...
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    Welcome to Footyfilms/Footylounge/films.This website will be featuring the latest footballing videos from around the world including highlights from the Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga and much much more.In addition to the hig...

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